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  1. Everyone's Approved
    Everyone's Approved
  2.  Open Since 2007
    Open Since 2007
What makes Rob Jacobs Auto Sales different?

Actually it's a combination of concepts brought together in one package. First Rob's background as a mechanic and 30 years plus in this business, has given him the edge in finding quality vehicles for his customers. He doesn't buy just for looks. He wants to be sure what's under the hood is dependable. He buys at the right price, so he can sell at the right price. After all his family name is up on that sign, he needs to stand behind what he sells.

Secondly, he designed his establishment to make the buyer feel welcome. A place where anyone will be comfortable, without pushy sales pitches so many dread.

Lastly, his goal is an overall good experience for his customers. His business has met expectations and best of all earned the approval of his customers and his Dad.

Why should you check out Rob Jacobs Auto Sales? Because "WE ARE THE EXCEPTION" ...See for yourself.

Saturdays are available, by appointment only.